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*DM stands for "dry matter".
*Does my farm have to register with the FDA?
Farms that sell hay to other farms are not required to register, because making hay is not a manufacturing/processing activity. However, farms that ensile hay for sale as animal feed are required to register, because ensiling is a manufacturing/processing activity.
Source: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

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Beeding consulting

We are happy to help you calculate your bedding requirements during the installation period.

Our dust-free flax bedding is suitable for horses in boxes as well as in loose housing, young and old, hobby horses and competition horses.

Let us match the cost of your current bedding!

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Purchase consulting

Let our digital service optimize your purchases for your stable.

The service calculates feed rations for all your horses based on their daily needs, and we help you match them to one of our over 200 analyses in our database.

The service also gives you the opportunity to buy roughage, supplementary feed and bedding directly – based on your economic and geographical conditions.

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in your hand or on your computer

Already now, you can go directly to My Stable and create feed plans quickly and easily for all your horses. This gives you a complete picture of your feed needs for the entire stable. With the result of your feed plan, you can navigate through the feed jungle and find the right feed for your horse and your wallet.

We are currently building an updated version of the app that will be linked to “My Stable” here on the website. We are building for both Android and iOS, and it is expected to be ready by autumn. Until then, it is just as easy to use the web version that you can find here.

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How does Johanna Lassnack do it?

Follow Johanna Lassnack as she feeds her horses and shares her thoughts on her routines. She also gives a lot of good tips and advice on feed.

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We monitor forage prices nationwide. Curious to know what others have paid for forage in your locality?