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Mixed grass

Price: 0.05 $/lbs

Conway (AR)

Bermuda/Bahia Mixed Grass

Price: 0.04 $/lbs

Holland (AR)

Mixed Bermuda/Johnson grass

Price: 0.05 $/lbs

Plainview (AR)


Price: 0.055 $/lbs

Van Buren (AR)

Mixed grass

Price: 0.045 $/lbs

Pea Ridge (AR)

Mixed Bermuda/Bahia grass

Price: 0.035 $/lbs

El Dorado (AR)

Mixed Bermuda/Rosedale

Price: 0.065 $/lbs

Rosedale (MS)

Sudan Hay

Price: 0.085 $/lbs

Read Oak (TX)


Price: 0.189 $/lbs

Whitesboro (TX)


Price: 0.167 $/lbs

Eastman (GA)

Bermuda Fescue Crab Mix

Price: 0.065 $/lbs

Toccoa Falls (GA)

Mixed hay (small bales)

Price: 0.32 $/lbs

Aiken (SC)

Sudan Hay

Price: 0.13 $/lbs

Brock (TX)

Mixed Hay

Price: 0.14 $/lbs

Leonard (TX)

Fertilized Horse Hay

Price: 0.13 $/lbs

Comanche (TX)

Meadow Grass

Price: 0.169 $/lbs

Elbert (CO)

Meadow Grass

Price: 0.18 $/lbs

Dolores (CO)

Meadow Grass

Price: 0.143 $/lbs

Eaton (CO)

Cow Hay

Price: 0.091 $/lbs

Brighton (CO)

Orchard/alfalfa mixture

Price: 0.171 $/lbs

Townsend (MT)

Grass Hay/Grass alfa

Price: 0.154 $/lbs

Worden (MT)

Grass alfalfa

Price: 0.24 $/lbs

Cornelius (OR)

Meadow grass, Timothy, orchard and alfalfa

Price: 0.31 $/lbs

Oregon City (OR)

Horse Quality Teff Grass

Price: 0.14 $/lbs

San Martin (CA)

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