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Flax bedding is a dust-free bedding, ideal for horses with respiratory diseases such as RAO.

It is incredibly easy to muck out, unappetizing for the horse, and reduces the amount and volume of your manure pile radically.

Our flax bedding absorbs between 6-12 times more than straw and shavings, making it a very economical bedding option.

The flax is not sprayed and is therefore free from pesticides, while being completely renewable from a climate-efficient perspective.

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Do you want to know more about flax bedding bedding?

We are happy to assist with a calculation of your bedding consumption during the installation period. Our dust-free flax bedding is suitable for horses in boxes as well as in paddocks, for young and old horses, and for hobby horses as well as competitive horses.

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We also take care of the manure

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With our service EQuiFimus, we offer an environmentally friendly and climate-efficient handling of your flax straw manure.

If you apply to join the EQuiFimus manure management program, we will take care of the pickup and removal of your manure. You rent tight storage containers from us, and when it’s time for emptying, we will come to pick it up from you.

You benefit from the deal because we allow a number of actors to bid on the manure, and you get the difference back in the form of vouchers that you can use to purchase flax straw from us.

Advantages of flax straw

Better stable environment

Our flax straw is an ultra-absorbent bedding material that offers the horse a dry and clean bed without dusting. By binding ammonia, flax straw ensures a clean and fresh stable environment.


Flax straw is an excellent fertilizer. The manure from your stable will be rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You can use the manure for all kinds of cultivation, as it breaks down very quickly and is excellent for reducing the acidity of the soil.


The consumption for a clean horse is about 1 bale per month, which makes it affordable. Flax straw also does not need to be watered, which provides 100% of the suction capacity from the beginning.

Play Video about Wheelbarrow in stable

Flax bedding - the movie

Join us on our road trip as we deliver Flax bedding to our customers! We get to meet stable owner Erik, whose farm has been in the family for generations, as well as Lotta and Vanja who have just welcomed a new foal. And we also visit some trotting horses at Lillgård outside Linköping. Lots of laughter and wonderful encounters.

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