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Give Your Horse the Comfort and Care They Deserve with Our Dust-Free Flax Bedding!

Perfect for horses with respiratory issues like RAO, our flax bedding offers unparalleled comfort and cleanliness. Its easy mucking properties ensure hassle-free stable maintenance, while its unappealing nature keeps your horse content and your manure pile compact.

Plus, our flax bedding absorbs 6-12 times more than traditional options like straw and shavings, making it both economical and eco-friendly. Rest assured, our pesticide-free flax is sustainably sourced, providing your horse with the best bedding while minimizing environmental impact.

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We’re here to help you calculate your bedding needs during the transition period. Our dust-free flax bedding is suitable for horses in stalls or paddocks, for horses of all ages and disciplines.

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With our EQuiFimus service, we’re here to ensure your flax straw manure management is as easy and worry-free as possible.

Join our EQuiFimus program, and we’ll take care of everything – from pickup to disposal. You’ll rent top-quality storage containers from us, and when they’re full, we’ll swing by to collect them.

It’s completely carefree! We’ll handle the logistics while you enjoy peace of mind. Plus, by allowing multiple bids on your manure, you’ll receive vouchers in return, giving you even more value for your investment in flax bedding from us.

Discover the Advantages of Flax Bedding for Your Horses

Enjoy a Better Stable Environment

Our flax straw bedding is ultra-absorbent, providing your horse with a dry and clean bed free from dust.
By effectively binding ammonia, flax straw ensures a clean and fresh stable environment, promoting your horse's health and comfort.

Environmentally Friendly and Reusable

Not only does flax straw make excellent bedding, but it also serves as a fantastic fertilizer.
The manure produced in your stable is rich in essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making it ideal for use in various cultivation practices.
Plus, its rapid breakdown makes it perfect for improving soil quality and reducing acidity.

Cost-Effective Solution

With a consumption rate of approximately one bale per week for a clean horse, flax straw bedding proves to be both effective and affordable.
Additionally, its high absorption capacity from the outset means you get 100% value without the need for watering.

Make the switch to flax bedding today and provide your horses with the best in comfort, cleanliness, and environmental sustainability!

Play Video about Wheelbarrow in stable

Flax bedding - the movie

Join us on our road trip as we deliver Flax bedding to our customers! We get to meet stable owner Erik, whose farm has been in the family for generations, as well as Lotta and Vanja who have just welcomed a new foal. And we also visit some trotting horses at Lillgård outside Linköping. Lots of laughter and wonderful encounters.

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