How do you give your horse the best possible conditions?

It all starts with good feed

As a horse owner, you are surely wondering how you can give your horse the best possible conditions. You already know that good feed is the most important component for strong and healthy animals. Now you have the opportunity to choose quality feed, analyzed and tailored to your needs, from one of the largest selection in the US market.

Here you can compare feed, choose a payment method that suits you, and have everything delivered to your doorstep. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can feel completely secure. We help both sellers and buyers through the entire process of advertising, analysis, payment, claims, and transportation, and supply everything from small stables to large facilities on a weekly basis.

Find the right feed

Compare feed from growrs across the country

We cover the entire United States with hay for all horses. Start by finding out your horse’s needs with EquiOpt, our free feed calculator. Then head to Hay Market and filter out hay that suits your horse and wallet.


Full control of what your horse is eating

We are completely independent and our goal is to optimize your feed plan. Our ambition is for you to be able to meet your horse’s daily feed requirements with just haylage. It’s worth checking with us, we do over 200 analyses in our database from 32 different producers annually!

Safe & easy

We take care of delivery and payment

Here you can shop with confidence. We monitor and assist where sellers and buyers can easily end up in a vulnerable situation, when it comes to payment, complaints, and transportation. Our business idea and the core of our service is that you should feel completely safe with the transaction.


Not sure?

We help you all the way!

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Feed consultation

We are a completely independent feed consultant and our task is to optimize your feed purchase according to your economic conditions.

Our ambition is for you to be able to handle the daily feed ration with just forages.

It pays off to check with us before buying your forages for the season, as we have over 200 analyses in our database from 32 different producers annually!

Stable Bedding Consultation

We are happy to help calculate your usage of stable bedding during the installation period.

Our dust-free flax bedding is suitable for horses in both box and loose housing, young and old, and hobby horses as well as competition horses.

Let us match the cost of your current stable bedding!

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Purchasing advice

Let our digital service optimize your purchases for your stable.

The service calculates feed rations for all your horses based on their daily needs and we help you match them against any of our over 200 analyses in our database.

The service also gives you the opportunity to buy hay, supplements and bedding directly – based on your economic and geographical conditions.

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Updated october 2021


in your hand or in your computor

To quickly and easily create feed rations for all your horses, you can go directly to “My Stable”. It gives you a complete overview of your feed needs for the entire stable. With the result of your feed ration, you can navigate the jungle of feed and find the right feed for your horse and your wallet.

We have an updated version of the app linked to “My Stable” here on the website. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can also use the web version, which you can find here.

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