Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive

Do you need help choosing bedding?

Choosing bedding can sometimes be difficult. How do you find bedding that is both cheap and long-lasting? It should also be easy to clean and good as fertilizer.

Therefore, we offer our customers barn bedding advice. Here you can ask all the questions you have and we will gladly help you calculate your usage of barn bedding. Let us match the cost of your current barn bedding!

Flax bedding - 100% dust-free

Flax bedding is a dust-free bedding, ideal for horses with respiratory diseases. It is incredibly easy to clean and reduces the usage and volume of your manure pile radically. If you need a sustainable and long-lasting bedding that also offers your horse a dry and clean bed, then flax bedding is what you’re looking for. 

Load your car with barn bedding

Did you know that you can load your car with barn bedding?

Åbytravet and Mölndal Energi have a circular collaboration to recycle old bedding into electricity.

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Feed consulting

We are a completely independent feed consultant and our task is to optimize your feed purchase based on your financial circumstances.

Our ambition is for you to be able to meet the daily feed requirements using only roughage.

It pays off to check with us before buying your roughage for the season, as we have over 200 analyses in our database from 32 different producers, annually!

Farmer stacking hay bales

Purchasing consulting

Let our digital service optimize your purchases for your stable.

The service calculates feed rations for all your horses based on their daily needs, and we help you match them against any of our over 200 analyses in our database.

The service also gives you the opportunity to buy roughage, supplement feed and bedding directly based on your economic and geographical conditions.

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