The idea for an international trading platform for farmers, animal owners, and feed producers was born as early as 2010. The project was started by a farming pioneer and an enthusiast with a small involvement of engineering, entrepreneurship, and a bit of legal expertise.

Our ambition is to promote a sustainable mindset among horse and stable owners with the smallest possible carbon footprint. Our stable bedding made from flax straw is cultivated under simple conditions, where water, sunlight, and a touch of fertilization do the heavy lifting.

Photo: Flax field

Flax straw sequesters carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime, contributing to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and thereby slowing down the greenhouse effect and, ultimately, climate change. By using flax bedding in your stable, you help reduce the use of fossil products like peat and wood-based materials such as wood shavings.

Flax requires minimal fertilization, and the fertilization produced in your stable is typically sufficient. To enable a recycling system, we also buy back our customers’ horse manure, which is then processed and sold as soil conditioner to crop growers. The proceeds from this are used by our customers to purchase new bedding. This way, you can become more or less self-sufficient in flax bedding.

Photo: Manure based on flax contains high amount of fertilizers

If you want to learn how your stable can become self-sufficient in stable bedding or if you want to buy or sell forage, do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives, and we will assist you!

On our auction platform, you can also buy or sell forage in a secure manner. 

Photo: High quality forage is an essential nutrition base for your horse

We handle all the quality checks if you are a buyer and take care of delivery and payment if you are a seller. 

Are you looking for a specific type of forage tailored to your horse’s needs? Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll assist you!

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