Revolutionize Your Stable with EQuiLinum: 100% Dust-Free Bedding for High-Performing Horses – Easy Mucking, Fresh Environment, and Reduced Manure Pile!

Turn Waste into Wealth: Transform Your Manure into Profit with Our Horse Manure Disposal Services!

(Coming Soon): Elevate Your Horse’s Nutrition with Premium Forages from Top Producers Nationwide!

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Elevate your stable with EQuiLinum flax bedding, top-notch forage, and hassle-free online manure disposal.

Secure an Exceptional Deal!

Discover premium 100% dust-free horse bedding, perfect for high-performing horses and reducing manure pile size, along with top-quality forage from meticulous producers nationwide and convenient horse manure disposal services with profit potential.


Discover Top-Quality Horse Forage: Analyzed and Available Through Our Auction Service – Where Quality Meets Affordability!

Welcome to our auction service for analyzed horse feed, where we provide a unique and reliable marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. Our platform brings together individuals and businesses involved in the trade of forage, offering a transparent and fair environment for transactions.

At our auction service, we prioritize both quality and affordability, ensuring that all parties involved can benefit from a mutually advantageous trade. Whether you’re a buyer seeking top-notch horse feed or a seller looking to reach a wider audience, our platform is designed to cater to your needs while upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

Join us today and experience the convenience and reliability of our auction service for analyzed horse feed.


Because Your Horse’s Comfort Matters to Us!


Are you tired of seeing your beloved horse struggle with coughing fits caused by dusty bedding? Look no further!

Our dust-free bedding solution, EQuiLinum flax bedding, offers a breath of fresh air for your equine companion. Made with your horse’s health and comfort in mind, our bedding provides a clean and safe environment that helps alleviate coughing and respiratory issues.

Say goodbye to dusty bedding woes and hello to a happier, healthier horse with our dust-free alternative.

Calculate your horse’s needs or order your sample package today!


We take responsibility from production to the final destination, aiming to reduce resource consumption in equine facilities.

We understand the challenges faced by stable facilities in disposing of manure.

That’s why we’re here to offer you the perfect solution. Our innovative service not only simplifies manure disposal but also turns it into a profitable opportunity.

Say goodbye to manure management headaches and hello to a sustainable, profitable solution with us.

Secure your spot in our premier manure management program, EQuiFIMUS, today and reap the benefits of streamlined manure disposal!

We monitor haylage prices across the United States.

Are you aware of the current prices?

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Take control of the costs

Feed and bedding without worry

We cover the whole of Sweden with haylage for all horses. Start by finding out your horse’s needs with EquiOpt, our free feed ration calculator.

In our webshop, you can then choose the feed that best suits your horse.

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Reduce worries, not profits

Check your hay

We help you with the analysis of your haylage.

Order our analysis package to easily and quickly find out how your feed is doing before you put it up for sale. Analyzed feed also gets a quality stamp in the webshop, making it easier for buyers to find your feed.

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in your hand or in your computer

To quickly and easily create feed rations for all your horses, you can go directly to “My Stable”. It gives you a complete overview of your feed needs for the entire stable. With the result of your feed ration, you can navigate the jungle of feed and find the right feed for your horse and your wallet.

We have an updated version of the app linked to “My Stable” here on the website. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can also use the web version, which you can find here.

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